Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Big thanks

Before going any further on this blog I must say a big thanks to Gemma and all those in Manchester who helped with getting thro to the tkt line and also to Lela who kept the whole flight to Spain waiting while she called me to make sure I got the tkts and got big cheers from whole flight when she got the messages when she landed saying we all had tickets.


Gemma said...

Thanks for the mention, it was my plesure to help ensure that the everyone got tickets. It just wouldn't be the same without our camp. I'd also like to say that im especially looking forward to seeing the original Glastonbury children Jack and Sella who make it down every year. See you all in June!!!!

glastonbury grl said...

sup hi I really waz cg-heerin we u said we got thwe ticktts!!!!

any way hav u seen my blog about glastonbury cours u hav


a.k.a Jack