Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Glastonbury webcam

If you can't wait until June to see the Glastonbury site you can set the Glastonbury webcam as your desktop. Something to cheer you up at work. A kind person on the official site's message board has posted instructions:

Right Click on your destop and select properties or goto control panel and open display properties.

Next click the "Desktop" tab

Click on "Customize Desktop"

Click on the "Web" tab

Click on "New"

Enter the web address

Click "OK" and click "OK" for every box in the windows you have open.

There will now be a box on your desktop that you can re-size to fit the site you are viewing.

Once you have re-sized, it is best to go back to the customize desktop bit and "Lock Desktop Items", that way it is fixed on your desktop in place.

If you want all 3 webcams, the other 2 addresses are:- - Pyramid - right